- About Us -

WEST WICKHAM PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY was founded in 1944 and has held regular meetings since March 1945
The Society is affliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Kent County Photographic Association.

Is a Member of the Federation of South London Photographic Societies (FSLPS).

West Wickham Photographic Society was established in 1944 and has met regularly since 1945. Past Members have won several awards for their photography.

The Society aims to provide a friendly atmosphere where members can discuss both the technical and artistic problems of picture taking. The emphasis is on the artistic quality of the work rather than the equipment used to produce it. Some of our members have done well with quite modest equipment.

The Society welcomes photographers of all skill levels, professionals to complete novices. People who have not really thought about photography as a skill will gain much by joining.

Members can just come along and watch what we do though newcomers can expect to be encouraged to participate in the society's activities.

Our only expectation is that members have a camera and use it.

Members do not need a darkroom nor a computer, commercially produced prints or images are accepted in our competitions. The only requirement is the author must have pressed the button on the camera

The Society holds Competitions for Prints and Images; in Colour or Monochrome; Commercial or Home Processed; Digital or Darkroom; General and Specialised Subjects.

The Society Competes in Inter Club Competitions either as a Society entry or in the support of an individual member's entry.