- PAN & TILT -

October 2016

Tues. 4th October
What I Did Last Summer - The Members

This was a chance for all the members, new and old to show images of they had found worth photographing over the summer break, with due commentary.

The evening commenced with Bob showing some of his tremendous pictures he had taken on his travels, including images from Cuba and the club outings to Bruge, plus some closer locales. This was followed by Denis’s collection of pictures he had taken of Ely church. Next came Laura, who like Bob had done a fair amount of travelling over the break with a variety of lovely pictures with her new camera. Then it was Mick’s turn to show images of his travels around the Mediteranean with Debbie and his daughter. Jon for a change showed some more local images from Biggin Hill Airport and just before the break Ralph showed some very interesting pictures, concluding with a lovely picture of a tiger.

After the break it was Andrew’s chance to show a series of panoramas, created meticulously by stitching together six images and explained how he gone about it. He finished with a very interesting shot of the interior of a BHS store prior to its closing. Tony brought up the vanguard with images of his daughters dog, along with a related dog. Finally he also showed a picture of a funeral ceremony taken with permission in Nunhead Cemetery.

An interesting evening that had given everybody a chance to show some images without competing. This being helpful chance for members who rarely show their pictures.

Tues. 11th October
Rd1 DPI Competition - Judge Mick White LRPS

With a late change for the evenings judge, it was with pleasure we welcomed Mick White for the evenings judging.

With a full house of entries for the evening, Mick was quickly under way, carefully scrutinising each image as it appeared. He brought to attention minor and some major problems that he saw and gave helpful guidance in how he felt that the pictures could be improved. After the break he completed his first round of scoring with fifteen entries being held for the second viewing. And so after due deliberation Mick announced his decision.

Result: Rd1 DPI Competition
1stAmber1John Hill
2ndDaisy SpiritInna Karpova
3rdLazy DayMartin Ridout
4thLone Tree, Grand CanyonDenis Noble
H MVox Pop on the DemoMartin Ridout
H MReculver ReflectionsJon Cowdock
H MBlack And WhiteJohn Hill
H MCatJohn Hill

Sat. 15th October
The Jenny Deller Memorial Walk

British Rail did their best to make life difficult with no direct service to and from a number of London Stations, so as planned members were forced to travel from both Bromley South and East Croydon and meet up this time at Victoria Station.

A quick trip on the tube, then coffee in Holborn, before visiting the London Silver Vaults. This was very much in keeping with Jenny’s many trips to London, an unusual location for us, as no photography was allowed. A walk to Chancery Lane with architectural opportunities, saw us outside the designated pub for lunch. However despite previous checks with bar staff to check that they were open weekends and served food, the pub was closed! Not a problem we just crossed the road to Ye Olde Cock Tavern.

From there it was into the Middle Temple for more architectural opportunities in an area that is often used for filming. There were two weddings and a funeral (almost a film title) taking place, so some members even managed wedding shots.

A short ride on a modern Routemaster bus saw us at Charing Cross and then onwards to St Pancras International Station to be joined by Anne and Jane for a well earned couple of Magnums of Champagne to toast Jenny and Tony.

Jenny Memorial Walk Oct16

Thanks to Bob for organising the trip and his report.

Tues. 18thth October
Video Training – Travel and Landscapes

For this evening we had a chance to view one of Professional Photographer and Trainer Karl Taylors training videos on ‘Travel and Landscapes’.
The session commenced with Travel, and how one should approach it. His video not only gave ideas on what we all call travel photography, but gave particular guidance on cityscapes, contre-jour shots and in particular timing, waiting for the right light.
In the second part, landscapes came under his examining eye, covering all aspects, with careful thought given to seascapes and the use of filters, especially the neutral density kind, both plain and the various kinds of graduated.
What Karl put together was another clear and concise video, from his amazing collection of training films.
Thanks to Tony Warran for his report.

Tues. 25th October
Natural History DPI Competition - Judge Mick White LRPS

After a short break of just two weeks ex-member and Professional Wild Life Photographer Mick White LRPS returned to the club to judge our annual National History competition, especially as two weeks ago he had stepped in at the last minute when we were suddenly let down for the DPI competition.

There were 41 entries this time and it was good to see that three or four or the newer members were now participating. As Mick said he is always amazed at the high standard he sees at WWPS with the quality exhibited this time around being as high as ever.

After his initial run through discussing, giving his guidance and marking the entries, it was found he had held back 15 photos for reappraisal and making the final choice.

Any of those held he considered were worthy of first place. So after pondering for a while he chose the three images he would award an Honourable Mention too, with two entries coming from Martin Ridout and a third from John Hill.

Having eliminated the three HM's, he was left with 12 entries on the screen. The members waited in anticipation as to which one he would choose. In the end he chose Micky Valentine's 'Peregrine Falcon', which Mick had said he had caught his eye from the very start.

WinnerPeregrine FalconMick Valentine
H MCrow Defending from Tawny EagleMartin Ridout
H MBald EagleMartin Ridout
H MLionJohn Hill

Congratulations to Micky Valentine and thanks to Mick White for another great evening. - A good friend and a fair judge.

Finally thanks to Tony Warran for his report.

Sun. 30th October
KCPA – Ross Cup Competition

This time we were down near Maidstone, courtesy of Ashford Camera Club. 38 clubs (one more than last year) entered panels of 8 prints (colour or mono), making 304 prints in all, to be judged and scored (out of 20) from which Merit awards and outright winners were to be selected. That was all done prior to the day by the judge Walter Benzie HonFRPS (he is in fact the current President of the RPS, which is about as prestigious as you can get).

On our arrival at the venue hall, all the prints were on display in their club panels and a very wide range of style and content they exhibited. I can’t say that there was any dominating theme or style though perhaps and under-representation of landscapes.

Then we sat down at 3.00pm – I estimate there were close on 250 audience there by then – for the judging commentary by Mr Benzie. This involved showing the actual print on easel and a large projected version of it, which must have been a re-photograph as we did not have to submit digicopies as we did last year.

First up were the single prints from each club that he had selected. In our case he’d picked out Jan Gilkes’s mono print “From the Depths” for comment and which scored 18. He also said it showed that you don’t necessarily need a need a large print for impact and he appreciated its layered mount to draw you in to the image.

Then it was on to seeing the 10 Merit award prints – again a diverse selection which showed Mr Benzie’s wide-ranging appreciation. And one of those was to Inna for her “Cheese, Walnuts and Pears” still life. Well Done, Inna! A worthy win following your similar success last year.

Then it was the two individual awards – for best landscape and for the overall winning image which was to Polina Plotnikova for her still life with its Salvador Dali overtones. Again a second successive win for her. Actually, perhaps there was a bit of a preference in his choice, in that two of the Merit awards and the overall winner were Still Life’s. And looking at last year’s results (different judge of course) I see that two Merit awards and the overall winner were also Still Life’s!

So how did we do overall? Well, we scored a couple more points overall than last year at 139 but slipped down the order to 15th equal with the 9th highest score – thus 14 clubs ahead of us and 21 behind us. Eastbourne were the overall winners with 151 points, clear of second place Ashford with 147. Hasting and Ore club were “Tail End Charlie” with 124 points, which is 82% of the top score, so scoring was really close, with only a point separating nearly all places amongst the 38 clubs.

However …. we were the highest placed FSLPS club, beating Beckenham 135 (21st place), Orpington 133 (24th) , Aperture Woolwich and Bromley both on 132 (25th=).

Panel scores for: KCPA – Ross Cup Competition Rd1
Antwerp Railway StationBob Zwolinsky18
Blue FlaxInna Karpova18
Cheese, Walnuts and PearsInna Karpova20 and Merit Award
Cleethorpes in the MistBob Zwolinsky16
Estuary PatternsJan Gilkes16
From the DepthsJan Gilkes18
Kicking Up the SandMartin Ridout LRPS17
Long and Winding RoadMike Spurway17

Our average score was 17.375, up a fraction on last year. Looking at the overall entry, the average score was 17.08, 23% got 19 or 20 and 41% got 17 or 18 so a high scoring competition.

So that’s it, all over for another year. Not so good as last year but we continue to be above the average. A well-run event for which Ashford club are to be thanked as well, of course, as the KCPA for overall managing and running the competition.

Thanks to Andrew for the report and for representing us.

Mon. 31st October
FSLSP Inter-Club competition Rd1

Our campaign in this season’s FSLSP Inter-Club competition kicked off on 31st October at Carshalton CC’c venue with a first round match for Colour Prints.

We were up against Greenwood, Aperture Woolwich, Carshalton, Mitcham and Selsdon. The judge was Marcus Scott-Taggart who had 48 prints to consider and score. He is an eagle-eyed and skilled judge but with an easy and to-the-point delivery that makes sense – even if you don’t agree!

After the run through he had held back 9 prints – 2 from Woolwich, Carshalton and us, 1 each from Greenwood, Mitcham and Selsdon, so everyone had some highly-rated work. We were well placed with the scoring at that point for being in the top three but I thought that we were looking at being behind these other two. We needed to be in top two to go through to the semi-finals. So it was all down to the scoring of the hold backs when it would be usual for 10’s and 9.5’s to be awarded – but not always, as it has sometimes happened that the judge has had second thoughts about the merits of a hold-back at this stage and it gets a lesser mark. But not this time and at the end it was:

1st West Wickham - 70.5
2nd Carshalton - 69.5
3rd Woolwich - 67.5

The six certificates were spread out: 2 to Woolwich and 1 each to Mitcham, Carshalton Selsdon and West Wickham.

Panel for scores: FSLSP Inter-club Competition Rd1
Estuary PatternsJan Gilkes LRPS8
Cheese, Walnuts and PearsInna Karpova9
Waiting to Get WetMartin Ridout LRPS8
The Old WorkshopMike Spurway9
Number 13Bob Zwolinsky9
Blue FlaxInna Karpova10 and Certificate
Kicking Up the SandMartin Ridout LRPS9
Cleethorpes in the MistBob Zwolinsky8.5

“Well Done” everybody, especially Inna.

So we are through to the semi-finals in January – So now Woolwich, Selsdon, Greenwood and Mitcham go into the Plate competition.

Thank you to Andrew for this report and representing us yet again.