- PAN & TILT -

September 2016

Tues. 6th September
First Night Guidance and Print Mounting Workshop

With the new club year commencing, the members, both new and old took the opportunity to get to know one another and bring themselves up to date with the social happenings of the summer.

Bob commenced the evenings agenda by updating everyone on what has been planned to happen club wise in the near future, explaining how the workshop evenings are going to have more emphasis on helping people practically with their equipment and software. Aptly this was followed by Bob demonstrating to everybody, the art of preparing and mounting their prints for competitions and exhibitions. The evening was brought to a close by Andrew with a talk on lens correction and how to utilize it using the DXO software.

A fairly quiet start to the year, but a nice way for everybody to get back into the swing of things.

Tues. 13th September
Why don’t we do better at inter-Federation Competitions A talk by Marcus Scott Taggart.

This was a continuation of the excellent talk given by Marcus last year on entering your images into competitions. The evening’s talk this time though was about taking the same theme but to a higher level. He used as his reference point, past winners of the ‘PAGB National Inter-Federation Competition’. Marcus started by reasoning why clubs were not up to the national standard, showing thirty random past winners and breaking down the approach that had been made to turn them into winners. His analysis showed that the greater majority had been manipulated in a major way. The choice of just optimizing or full manipulation, was then explained by Marcus in a manner that kept everyone interested and wondering how they could utilise what he had said in their own work.

After the break Marcus spent the evening discussing the use and advantages of using plug ins to the known programs already being used. With the use of examples Marcus showed what could be achieved with various plug-ins starting with Topaz’s Remask 5 for cutting out intricate images to the top HDR program from Photo Matrix. He made the emphasis that one had to be very careful not to over process an image as more damage could be done, so ruining a good picture.

A very good and instructive evening, especially nice as the new members found it extremely helpful in the way they could improve their images.

Tues 20th September
Answering Those All Important Questions You Wanted To Ask About Photography. A Discussion Evening.

The evening was broken up into three parts. It began with Andrew and Martin going over the guidelines for presenting prints and images for the clubs internal competitions. Martin then took the members through a very well presented audio-visual guide on the subject chosen for the years specified competition ‘Contre Jour’ – Against the Light. A very clear help and guide for what we are supposed to present for the competition later in the year – No Excuses.

The third part of the evening came after the break, where three senior members under the stewardship of Derek set about answering questions that had been baffling members. The replies were articulate and the response proved it had been helpful to those present.

A useful evening that no doubt will be repeated

Sat 24th September
Camden Lock and Market

A great day started with a beautiful warm day for the time of year, with seventeen attending, probably the largest group we have had on an outing. Travelling up to town the members were in good voice discussing all the latest news and hot topics, with a carriage virtually to themselves.

On arrival at the lock, a casual start with a coffee stop first being the order for the day before the market was attempted. With the crowds out in force, picture taking was limited to images of the canal or practicing street photography. After spending the rest of the morning wandering around enjoying the market, especially the smell of the variety of foods available, the members met up for lunch at Weatherspoons, with Ann working miracles in acquiring table space for everyone where possible.

Duly refreshed the afternoon was left up to the members to choose how they wished to spend it. One group took to walking along the canal path, through London Zoo to Little Venice, whilst the second group took the canal water bus. Meeting up again for a gentle walk back to the tube and home.

Camden Lock Sept16

Thanks to Laura for a well organised day and to Ann for keeping us together.

Sat 27th September
Rd1 Print Competition - Judge: Steve Lawrenson>

With this being the years first competition, Andrew addressed the new members with a brief description of the procedures and what to expect for the evening, outlining what they should get out of it.

Prior to the 29 pictures in the colour section, our judge for the evening Steve Lawrenson explained the guidelines he would view and judge the pictures entered and not to be to concerned with the scoring but try and appreciate what he saw in the prints.

With all the explanations out of the way, Steve set about viewing and giving guidance on the pictures presented. He expressed his delight when a picture had been well put together and those he wasn’t so sure about, with an explanation on how he felt it could be improved, either in camera technique or using the computer in processing.

After all the colour pictures had been assessed, eight entries had been held back for a second viewing. From these Steve made his decision on the four best colour prints he had viewed.

Results: Colour Prints Rd1
1stStaircaseJohn Hill
2ndGold at TwilightMike Spurway
3rdNigella – Love in a MistMartin Ridout
4thWaitingAndrew Herbert

After the break it was time for the mono section. With just a lowly thirteen entries it was a quick run through with just five being held back, making the choice easy for the top four places.

Results: Mono Prints Rd1
1stSpiral ImageJan Gilkes
2ndUnder the African SunMike Spurway
3rdStormy Weather ApproachingMartin Ridout
4thWalking Towards the Church SpireDerek Miah

No Honorary Mentions were awarded.