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May 2017

Pan & Tilt
May 2017

Monday 1st May
The Sweeps Festival - Rochester - Leader Ann Herbert

With typical bank holiday weather predicted – showers, the nine members attending set off from Bromley South Station. Entertained on the way by a jolly ticket inspector, who realising we were a group and not just couples informed us we could have bought a group savers ticket, which started Mick V debating whether this would of saved him enough money to buy a pint in Wetherspoon's (more on this later). By the time we had arrived in Rochester it was raining, but the new station which is excellent is just a quick sprint or in our case a short stroll to the Visitors Centre. Here we took the opportunity to partake of a nice warm cup of coffee and a chance to plan the day. Thanks to maps and information provided by Anne, we left the warmth of the centre and divided up so as to make the most of photo-opportunities.

The sweep's Festival is a revived festival to celebrate when sweeps got the day off. What we were greeted by was refreshingly different from the usual Morris Men. The grungiest, scariest Morris men you could ever meet and full of character. We made our way up the High Street to the Castle Gardens past various different groups of singers and performers. The 'proper' photographers amongst us, looking for interesting and weird characters to take pictures of, it was here we were further joined by Bob Z.

Lunch had been planned to be taken at Wetherspoon's, but when we met there, we found it had a very limited menu. To which Anne immediately sorted an alternative for us, Lorenzo's which was close by where we all managed to squeeze in. A bit of a wait for the food but it was nice to be in the warm. John decided not to wait and braved the weather. His photo's will show if we missed anything other than a shower.

With nourishment complete it was back out again to wait for the Sweeps Parade. The anticipation started as Jack in the Green made his way up the High Street to the meeting point for the start of the parade. As usual the usual problems for photographers presented themselves, fluorescent jackets, crowds and the sun in the wrong place! It was a suggested we should stand in the middle of the road en masse but that might not provide the best picture anyway. We finally decided a nice spot, where we were able to stand on the edge of the kerb and have a good view of the groups in the parade being led by Jack in the Green. With darkening skies and the rain imminent the remaining members made their way back to the station for the journey home.

Sweeps Parade - May 2017

Thanks to Anne for arranging an enjoyable day out, also to Debbie for her report on the outing.

2nd May
Print Heat 5 - Judged by Jeff Penfold of Selsdon CC

With this being the final round of this years print competitions, it was nice to see a good number of fresh prints presented. For the nights judging, it was a pleasure to have Jeff Penfold back to give his comments on the 48 prints presented.

As usual the evening commenced with the colour prints. Jeff appreciates the effort people take in producing their entries and so tries to give them time when commenting on their prints, trying at the same to appreciate what the photographer was attempting to achieve. In the majority of cases this was extremely positive, but for those whose prints he considered were not quite right in his eyes, he helped with his usual constructive comments to hopefully aid them in presenting future prints. From the 32 colour prints presented Jeff held back nine. With a quick reappraisal of those nine, he confirmed the four colour prints he considered worthy of an award.

Colour Print Rd5 Results:
1stSalisbury SunriseJon Cowdock
2ndMost Rev. John Sentamu
Archbishop of YorkDerek Miah
3rdBeyond the BeachJan Gilkes LRPS
4thInto the DistanceJan Gilkes LRPS

Then after the break it was down to the mono section. With just 15 prints entered, Jeff gave even greater time to each of the prints. After due consideration and comments he marked the pictures, holding back just 6 pictures for another look, from which he chose his final four.

Mono Print Rd5 Results:
1stA quiet SmokeMike Spurway LRPS
2ndPalma de Mallorca AirportMicky Valentine
3rdHonningsvaagBob Zwolinsky
4thA Winters RunMike Spurway LRPS

No Honorary Mentions were given this evening.

Sat 6th May
Coney hall Village Fair

May saw us back at the Coney Hall Fair held again at the Assembly Rooms in Gates Green Road, Coney Hall. This year we had our stall in a prime position in the main hall, close to the stage where lots of things were taking place and thus we had lots of visits during the morning. The Assembly Rooms is a lovely place for an event like this with plenty of space and it was very well supported.

Coney Hall Fair is a magnet for the people living in the area. There was an appearance by Hannah Gray, Deputy Mayor of Bromley, the crowning of the Coney Hall May Queen and a performance by the choir of West Wickham Primary School. There was also a great performance from the local dog training group.

Our stall was busy all of the time we were there and we acquired several names of people that were interested in the club, which we will be following up. We also sold £30 worth of photos and £2 worth of DVD's.

Overall a great success. Thanks to Norman and Joyce, Martin, Andrew and Tony for manning the stall. - We will definitely be back next year.

Thanks to Tony for his report.

Sat 6th May
FSLPS Finals Day

Well this was the one we had all been waiting for. After a tremendous year, where the club had reached the semi finals of all three FSLPS competitions for the first time, from which we had been successful in reaching the finals of both the Mono print and DPI competitions.

And so to the day. There were nine competitions scheduled to be run in three groups. The main competition was for the three Inter Club finals for DPI,Colour and Mono print, where the two clubs in each category had to present 8 pictures in the relevant finals they were participating in. This was to be followed by the competitions for the best pictures from the earlier rounds that had been awarded ‘Certificates’, again in the three categories and finally the three open individual competitions for which members could enter those pictures they considered their best images.

Just to make life interesting, the three inter-club finals were to be contested by just three clubs, Beckenham, Old Coulsdon and ourselves West Wickham, all of which had reached two finals each.

With three judges covering the competitions individually, it was going to be a busy day, with the inter-club finals occurring first. To start the day, it was the Alex Falk Trophy for Colour Prints between Old Coulsdon and Beckenham, with Old Coulsdon coming out clear winners with 75.5pts against Beckenhams 64pts.

Next up was the Holroyd Trophy for Mono prints. This was where we were up against Old Coulsdon. This was an extremely close run competition. We started well, and by the halfway stage we were comfortably in front, but the second half was not quite so kind to us with Old Coulsdon just ending up in front by one point, the final score being Old Coulsdon 68pts, West Wickham 67pts.

Our individual scores in the Mono Print Competition:
Japanese AnemoneInna Karpova10
From the DepthsJan Gilkes LRPS9
The DriverMartin Ridout LRPS9
On the Rocks at Beachy HeadJon Cowdock9
Watching the World Go ByMike Spurway LRPS8
PoppyInna Karpova
The Long and Winding RoadMike Spurway LRPS
Antwerp Railway stationBob Zwolinsky7

And so to our last chance of glory, the PDI competition. This time we were up against Beckenham. With Glyn Bareham judging, a new judge to us, so it was down to business, with the competition swinging one way then the other as he viewed all sixteen images from both clubs. The outcome was close, but not as close as the previous competition, with West Wickham being triumphant by two points. - West Wickham 68pts, Beckenham 66pts

Our individual scores for the PDI Competition:
Under African SkiesMike Spurway LRPS10
Reculver ReflectionsJon Cowdock9
FlotsamMike Spurway LRPS9
White Anemone HeartInna Karpova
Look into my EyesMartin Ridout LRPS
Still Life with PersimmonsInna Karpova8
Stairway ViewJan Gilkes LRPS
Lone Tree, Grand CanyonDenis Noble

After a break it was the turn of the individual pictures that had been awarded ‘Certificates’ for their top scores in the previous rounds. Here West Wickham was well represented with 10 prints/DPI’s covering the three categories, with 5 coming from Inna alone. Here the club met further success with Mike’s ‘Under African Skies’ winning the ‘Edwin Appleton Rose Bowl in the PDI catergory.

Finally it was the competitions for individuals from any of the Federations clubs. Here again we were well represented with fourteen entries. With both Inna with ‘Flamenco Dancing’ in the PDI competition and Mike with ‘Dawn Approaching Man Sagar Jaiphur’ in the colour print catergory being awarded Certificates of Merit. So ended a very successful day for the club and its members.

9th May
Series 6 Competition - Judged by David Mendus from Bookham CC.

The night’s competition was a full house, with a maximum entry of 20 sets of six or more images from 11 members being entered, which meant David Mendus our judge for the evening was in for a busy night.

With the viewing underway it became very apparent what David was looking for in the sets. They had to have a continuity in the images, hopefully with some form of story. Technically he was also very strong on good lighting of the images, which is sometimes overlooked. What was also apparent was the fact that he didn’t look to cropping as an answer to improve images. The mix of sets was considerable, with selections varying from Travel views through Horticultural pictures to a two colour entry of a Bell Foundry and two entries with the same theme of Icelandic Geysers.

With over 120 images viewed, poor David held back 8 sets for a second quick viewing from which he made his selection.

Series 6 Results:
WinnerMarrakesh at NightBob Zwolinsky
2ndWhitechapel Bell FoundryMartin Ridout LRPS
3rdChildren of this WorldMike Spurway LRPS
H MWash and Brush UpAndrew Herbert
H MKeukenhof Garden, HollandInna Karpova

David’s choice of the winner ‘Marrakech at night’ by Bob Zwolinsky’, was not just because it had a good storyline but that the lighting and the detail he had held in the shadows he found amazing. A good lesson to all present.

14th May
Valence School Hillclimb and Custom Car Show - Leader Jon Cowdock

The Valence Hill Climb and Car show was an extremely popular event in the past, where it ran for over 20 years until the mid 1990’s when it stopped for what was believed, safety reasons. Last year it was thankfully reincarnated with a successful day, So this year it was a natural local venue for ‘Motorheads’ with cameras like ourselves to be present

It was not a large event this year, with the Hillclimb only being run in ‘Demo Mode’, but it was good family day with a nice relaxed atmosphere and plenty of good refreshments and of course ‘Cars’. The four members attending took the opportunity to practice their endeavour’s, with experimenting and testing equipment being the order of the day.

Big thanks to Jon for organising the outing.

16th May
The Set Subject ‘Contre-Jour’ - Judged by Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS of Carshalton CC

This years choice for the set subject was considered an interesting way for the members to be more creative in their photography. This was made more interesting and fun by the choice of Gerald Kitiyakara as judge being not only a very good photographer but having a witty outlook on life as well.

Gerald commenced the evenings proceedings by defining the term ‘Contre-Jour’ and how he would interpret it, so as no one would misunderstand his comments. He emphasized the point that he was was looking for images to be as the title described ‘In to the Light’ and less for those with incidental lighting. With that clarified it was down to the job of viewing the 61 images entered. After the initial quick run through it was down to the main task of commenting and judging. It soon became apparent that Gerald was as good as his word. There were pictures that were presented that he said were amazing, but in his eyes didn’t fulfill the criteria of the chosen subject. But as we have grown to expect from Gerald he was clear and straight to the point in his views on every image and gave them time to be appreciated properly

Once he had completed the main session of commenting on the entries it was down to making the his choice. In fairness Gerald had decided not to score each image, but to select by elimination. So after his initial run through of the 61 entries he had 23 images left for further de-selection. With a certain amount of tension rising the second run through was made with 13 images still left at the end. And so to the last run through where he made his final choice and where he decided that the quality of the remaining twelve were so good, he felt they were all worthy of an Honourable mention.

‘Set Subject 2017’ – Contre-Jour: Winner - Inle Fisherman – Mike Spurway LRPS

Honorary Mentions:
Cow, Parsley & BokehInna Karpova
Walking to WorkBob Zwolinsky
SailingBob Zwolinsky
Returning From SchoolBob Zwolinsky
Sycamore WoodsRalph Longhurst
Woman in BlueJohn Hill
Carmargue FoalMartin Ridout LRPS
Lazy DayMartin Ridout LRPS
InquisitiveMartin Ridout LRPS
Blue LightsJon Cowdock
Drawing with LoveJon Cowdock
Sea ThriftJon Cowdock

A good and well judged competition, especially as it had drawn entries from 15 members.

23rd May
Finals Night - Judged by Darren Woolway, ARPS of Aperture Woolwich PS

Well the penultimate evening of the clubs year meant it was finals night. The evening when all the images, colour and mono prints and DPI’s that were considered good enough for awards through the year, were presented to be judged for the top pictures of the year. This year the 56 award winning pictures from all sections, represented the work of 13 club members, with the images of Jon and Martin standing out with the greatest number.

Before commencing Darren, our judge for the evening gave everybody a rundown in what had been occurring in his career in the past year and where he was heading. He then gave a very helpful guide on how he judges and what he see’s in a picture especially how he defines natural history images. As usual the competition was split into the three sections colour-prints, mono-prints and digital Images.

For a change Darren commenced with the mono prints category. Being both a retoucher as well as a top photographer, he is extremely articulate when judging, he could see things that entrants possibly could not, emphasised when viewed under the bright lights of the viewing stand, especially flaws in retouching which he was quick to pick on, but his comments on composition were very constructive along with the advice on how a picture could be improved. There was no scoring this time as there could be only one winner. So out of the 20 mono prints, Darren held back just 5, from which he chose his winner and the 2 images he considered for Hon mentions.

Winner of the Kimber Cup for Mono Prints:

‘A Winters Run’ by MikeSpurway

Hon Mention -A Quiet Smoke- Mike Spurway LRPS
Hon Mention -Palma de Mallorca- Mick Valentine

It was decided to delay the break so as to complete the colour print section. Again there were 20 prints up for judging. As in the mono section, but to a lesser degree, Darren noticed the use of keyline borders to enhance a picture. He explained how they helped an image but also how they could be detrimental to an image by becoming a distraction and so spoil an image. With all the colour images having been viewed, Darren held back 6 this time from which he made his choice of top colour print.

Winner of the Harlequin Trophy for Colour Prints:

‘Fluid Dynamics’ by MikeSpurway

Hon Mention -Salisbury Sunrise- Jon Cowdock
Hon Mention -Curves- Inna Karpova

With the break and the setting up of the projector, it was back to view the last group of 16 images from the four DPI rounds held during the year. Darren again was very exact in his comments knowing what he likes and appreciating good photography when he saw it. He held 6 images again for his final review before making his decision.

Winner of the Londinium Trophy for DPI:

‘Lazy Days’ by Martin Ridout

Hon Mention -No Time to Ponder- Tony Warran
Hon Mention -Curves- Mike Spurway LRPS

Well the end of another years competitions, a very successful year not only for results for the club, but also that more members had entered pictures to be assessed which hopefully had helped them in becoming better photographers.

After the nine rounds of this years competitions, the trophies were awarded for the three catergories:

2016/17 – Graham Beale Trophy for Colour Prints -

Winner - Martin Ridout - 17pts

2nd Mike Spurway - 13pts
3rd John Cowdock - 12pts
4th Inna Karpova - 11pts

2016/17 – The Lumiere Trophy for Mono Prints -

Winner - Jon Cowdock - 26pts

2nd Jan Gilkes - 16pts
3rd Mike Spurway - 12pts
4th Martin Ridout - 6pts

2016/17 – Londinium Trophy for Digital Projection Images -

Winner - Jon Cowdock - 13pts

2nd Inna Karpova - 11pts
3rd Martin Ridout - 10pts
4th John Hill - 7pts

Congratulations to Jon for his excellent results, being his first year in entering, also to Martin who consistently sets a standard we should try and ascertain too.

30th May

As a finale to the season WWPS held its 72nd Annual General Meeting at The Medhurst Hall, West Wickham at 8 pm. There was a very good turnout with just a handful of absentees.

Chairman Bob welcomed members and thanked the members of the committee who had contributed to another very successful season.

Tony presented the treasurer’s report making note that as well as subscription income we were able to increase funds from some donations, sale of photos and DVD’s and also some old equipment. He recommended that subs remain the same for the forthcoming year.

There were reports from Andrew (Print Secretary), Martin (Digital Secretary), Derek (Programme Secretary) and Ann (Outings Secretary)

The following were elected Bob - (Chairman), Norman - (Secretary), Tony - (Treasurer), All will form part of the committee plus Andrew - (Print secretary), Martin - (DPI secretary) and Joyce - (Members representative). Derek was standing down and will be replaced by Mike Walker who will shadow him next year.

Mrs Jenny Miah was appointed as Auditor.

There were a number of resolutions put forward (having been previously circulated to members) as follows

1) AV Comp.
2) Subs for lapsed members
3) Clarification about images used on more that one occasion
4) Proposal to have Standard advanced class and / or Standard workers class

A lively discussion took place and the changes were made as appropriate.

Set Subject. Next year to be ‘Shallow depth of field’

The evening ended with wine kindly provided by Martin and Bob with Cheese and Biscuits by Norman and Joyce

Thanks to Tony for his report.

And so ends the club’s year. – But please check the website for information relating to Social/photographic events on the ‘Outings’ page and the Programme page for next years programme which commences on the 5th of September.