- PAN & TILT -

May 2016

3rd May
Workshop 2
– Organised by Derek Miah

This was the second of the new workshops organised to help members new and old to further their skills. It was arranged around senior members taking small groups and helping/instructing in areas that the members were not confident in. Techniques and getting familiar with their cameras being top of the bill. The comments afterwards showed it had worked well, with new members expressing that they had learnt quite a bit and older members being surprised in how much they took for granted.

5th May - Thursday
Outing - Eagle Heights Workshop
- Organised by Norman Bernard

After a successful workshop last year, Norman arranged a second visit for members to further hone their skills in photographing fast moving birds. He couldn’t have chosen a better, brighter day. With clear sky’s, care had to be taken in positioning oneself so as to obtain the best light for what they were photographing. The display specially put on for the members gave everyone a superb opportunity to get some impressive shots, with the chance of some really good close ups (ask Norman). The day was extremely well organised and supported by the staff at Eagle Heights again and thanks must be given to Norman for organising it.

Close Up - Eagle Heights - May16

Image by
Martin Ridout

Close Encounters of the Photographic Kind

10th May
Members Evening - Harbours, Piers, Jetty’s and Canal Locks.

An evening where all the members had a chance to present some relevant images that probably had never been shown before. This was not a competition, but a chance for every one to discuss all aspects of the images displayed. Nobody got upset, in fact the observations were extremely good with everybody getting an insight how other members set up there cameras and took their pictures.

17th May
Audio/Visual Competition
- Judged by Roger Stevens, ARPS, DPAGB, Selsdon CC

It had been decided a while back to schedule an AV competition for every other season, to give time for the club’s small band of AV-ers time to prepare presentations.There have been a couple of workshops on aspects of AV preparation to hopefully inform and enthuse members about this activity. So this competition has come round and in the event there were 8 entries from 4 members.
Our judge, as ever, was a welcome return of Roger Stevens, acknowledged expert on the genre and an affable but none-the-less keen-eyed and very knowledgeable judge. He had been provided with the entries sometime beforehand so that he could review them at leisure, as, he said, he needs to see them each more than once to be able to asses properly the various aspects of the medium, including the quality of the photography, the choice and implementation of the transitions, the sound track and its co-ordination with the visuals, as well as the overall impression and content
A day at Biggin Hill Air ShowTony WarranVLC4.42
All in our GardensJoyce BernardEXE5.36
Girls in their Summer ClothesDerek MiahVLC4.19
Cruise to NorwayTony WarranVLC5.08
RebeauvilleBob ZwolinskyWMP4.40
All Saints Church, Tudely, KentJoyce BernardEXE4.37
The Helicopter RideTony WarranWMP6.01
Three French ShopsBob ZwolinskyWMP3.16

They were shown in turn and Roger commented after each one from his notes prepared during his previewing.
A Day at Biggin Hill Airshow was, as its title said, shots of air display aircraft. Roger thought the photography excellent but felt it needed a lead-in and a finish and it could have benefitted from some more of the crowd images.
All in our Gardens was a selection of shots of gardens and plants with a seasonal flow. Roger noted that the change of projection size between images needed to be minimised. There was good co-ordination with sound but it would have been nice if the sequence could have ended back at winter shots as it began.
[u]Girls in their Summer Clothes[/u] involved shots of fashion “scarecrows” as seen at Kew. Roger liked the well-chosen song and the pictures were interesting and colourful but needed more variation of type and point-of-view. Some explanation or lead-in shots at the start would have helped.
Cruise to Norway was as the title suggests. Roger liked the music and the video insert was an enjoyable surprise. Rather abrupt ending.
Rebeauville was a sequence of shots of the town of Rebeauville in eastern France, mostly looking up at architectural detail. Roger found it very picturesque and excellent photography, good music. As an audience viewer it was odd and then a little disconcerting that there was no sign of the actual population in any shot.
All Saints Church, Tudely showed the existing church and some of its history and restoration. Roger found the titles used were too large and the initial caption card was not shown for long enough to read. Otherwise the photography was good, particularly the stained glass windows, and the sequence did lead-in and end well.
The Helicopter Ride started well, Roger thought, by showing the advertising poster for the ride, but then the sequence seemed out of order with video and stills of the helicopter taking off and then landing and then still shots of the aerial views. Some of the photography was a bit below par.
Three French Shops started with shot in a small French town of three side-by-side small shops, and then this faded to a pen-and-ink and water colour “treatment” to the image. It continued to show details of the shops fronts in true rostrum camera style of zooms, close-ups and panning before returning the initial shot and reverting to natural appearance. Roger found it tasteful with clever transitions, liked the visual “treatment” and the atmosphere. As an audience member, it looked as if it had all be generated from one photo! - very clever.
In the end, Roger made his decision.
The Result:
1stThree French ShopsBob Zwolinsky
2ndRebeauvilleBob Zwolinsky
3rdAll Saints Church, TudelyJoyce Bernard

A few themes stood out from Roger’s commentaries: Sequences do need a lead-in beginning and a natural closure/ending. Make sure there is a narrative or thematic flow to the sequence. If showing caption cards, give enough time on-screen to read it – and then double it! Try to keep to one projection aspect ratio for all images.
In second half of the evening, Roger showed some sequences of his own and of other colleagues in the various AV interest groups he belongs to, which gave good examples of what to aim for! Gulp!
Congratulations for a competition well won and thanks to Roger for an entertaining evening, also Martin for running the show and Andrew for the report.

20th May - Friday
‘Farewell to Jenny’

Sadly yet again we gathered together to bid our farewells, for within the last six months we have lost three of the stalwarts of the club. Everybody attempted to put on a brave face. - But this was our Jenny and she asked us not to be sad. Dress in bright clothes was her last wishes, to which people obliged. With many guests present, a lot of stories, funny stories and stories of life with Tony and their family were related as we all remembered her bubbly and welcoming ways. It was a nice way to say our fond farewells to someone who the members will find irreplaceable.

A special thanks must be given to Anne, who with the assistance of Rosemary and several other members organised and provided for the reception after the funeral.
Jenny Jun16

24th May
The Finals Evening
- Judged by Marcus Scott-Taggart

Finals Night is always a busy and testing night for our judge as there are three competitions to judge, each containing the best of our work from the past year. Judging for us this year was Marcus Scott-Taggart from Tandridge PS. Marcus, whose professional background was as a Chief Technical Consultant for the Printing Industry’s Research Association, was not only looking for the fine technical detail he would expect in our work, he also wanted to see that the story behind the image was evident.

First off were the colour prints with twenty images from the five heats. His comments were positive, and he did enjoy the vast majority of the images he saw, with only the occasional constructive critical comment. Marcus held back four images from which he gave three Honourable Mentions to “Estuary Patterns” by Jan Gilkes, “Old Workshop” by Mike Spurway and “Cleethorpes in the mist” by Bob Zwolinsky, and finally selecting “Cheese, Walnuts and Pears” by Inna Karpova as the winner of the Harlequin Trophy for best colour print.

Result for the Harlequin Trophy for the years top Colour Prints
WinnerCheese, Walnuts and PearsInna Karpova
H MEstuary PatternsJan Gilkes
H MOld WorkshopMike Spurway
H MCleethorpesBob Zwolinsky

The next competition to be judged was for monochrome prints, with another twenty images from the five heats. This time, Marcus held back six prints, awarding Honourable Mentions to “Japanese Anemone” by Inna Karpova, and four from Mike Spurway “Two of us going nowhere”, “The shy goat”, “The street manicurist” and “The long and winding road”. Marcus then chose “Antwerp Railway Station” by Bob Zwolinsky as the winner of the Kimber Cup for best monochrome print.

Result for the Kimber Cup:for the years top Mono Prints
WinnerAntwerp Railway StationBob Zwolinsky
H MJapanese AnenomeInna Karpova
H MTwo of us Going KnowhereMike Spurway
H MThe Shy GoatMike Spurway
H MThe Street ManicuristMike Spurway
H MThe Long and Winding RoadMike Spurway

After a break for a cup of tea and re-arrangement of the equipment, the digital images were judged. Sixteen images were presented this time from four heats. Again, six images were held back, but the final decision was much harder to make as there were three images which Marcus saw as all vying for the top place. Finally, he awarded the Frank Taylor Trophy for best DPI image to “Fluttering Petals” by Inna Karpova, with Honourable Mentions going to “Waiting outside Barkers” by Mike Spurway, “White Anemone Heart” by Inna Karpova, “Stairway View” by Jan Gilkes and “Look into my eyes” and “Curvilinear” both by Martin Ridout.

Result for the Frank Taylor Trophy: for the years top DPI images
WinnerFluttering PetalsInna Karpova
H MWaiting Outside BarkersMike Spurway
H MWhite Anenome HeartInna Karpova
H MStairway ViewJan Gilkes
H MLook into my EyesMartin Ridout
H MCurvilinearMartin Ridout

The results of the points competition that runs throughout the heats competition was announced for the three disciplines.

Winners for the Annual Points Competions:
The Graham Beale TrophyColour PrintsInna Karpova
The Lumiere TrophyMono PrintsMike Spurway
The Londinium TrophyDPI ImagesInna Karpova

The final demand on our judge was to present the relevant trophies. A long, but rewarding evening, with one person leaving with her arms full of trophies.

Thanks to Martin for the report

31st May
The ‘Annual General Meeting’

Well AGM’s are AGM’s but being the friendly society we are, we started in a sociable manner. With a glass of wine the serious business of reviewing the years business progressed. As per agenda all the reports were digested without contradiction. This was followed by an initial view of next years programme, and the confirmation of the awards earned during the year. A full guide to items discussed can be requested from Joyce, which will be shortly available. With the break in hand, the sociable side took over with eats and refreshments supplied.

And so ends the clubs year. – But please check the website for information relating to Social/photographic events on the ‘Outings’ page and the Programme page for next years programme which commences on the 6th of September.