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April 2017

Pan & Tilt
April 2017

4th April
Workshop Finale – Display of Lighting Workshops Images

This was a chance for all the members to show images taken during the years various lighting workshops. Derek had requested that those of you who took advantage of the lighting evening and previous workshops should take the opportunity to bring along their results for showing to the club where members were able to discuss the result of there endeavours with advice being given where it was felt would be helpful. This was a helpful way towards completing interesting workshop sessions.

8th April
Wot's On’ in West Wickham

'Wot's on' is designed for local organisations to advertise themselves and to get their name out there into the public domain.

This year for the 3rd year running the club took a stall at the annual 'Wot's On’ in West Wickham organised by the West Wickham Rotary Club and held in the church hall of St Francis of Assisi in Ravenswood Avenue, West Wickham.

After two years of being stuck just inside the door we were moved at our request to the side which was much better. Although it was well supported by stall holders, we collected a few potential names and sold £5 worth of photos, but overall it was quite disappointing. The hall is small and although most of the time it was packed there were few customers.

Thanks to Norman, Martin, Andrew and Tony for manning the stall and again to Tony for his report

11th April
Larter Cup - Judged by Martin Faiers Selsdon CC

This year it was our turn to hold the Larter Cup, the annual three-way competition between West Wickham, Bromley and Beckenham. For the second year running Martin Faiers was to be the judge. The competition involves each club submitting six monochrome prints and six colour digital images, from six different photographers in each section, although a photographer can be represented in both sections.

The evening commenced with Martin viewing the mono prints first. As he has done previously Martin went through the prints making his comments first then running through them again for the purpose of scoring. All three clubs are familiar with Martin as a judge and recognise him for his honest appraisal of images that are put before him. He didn’t disappoint giving all the prints a good amount of time to offer his opinion especially as he expected above the norm for quality. When it came to scoring he held back just 4 of the 18 prints shown with just 2 being awarded 10pts, both from Beckenham. Innas ‘Study of an Anemone’ being our best-rated picture with 9. With all the scores added up Beckenham had come 1st with 52½pts in the Mono print section with Bromley 2nd with 47½pts and ourselves a lonely 3rd with 44½pts

Our Individual scores for Mono Prints conttest:
On the Rocks at Beachy HeadJon Cowdock8
Standing AloneJan Gilkes LRPS
Walking TowardsDerek Miah6
Study with an AnemoneInna Karpova9
Stormy Weather AproachingMartin Ridout LRPS6
Under African SunMike Spurway LRPS7

After the break it was the turn of the 18 DPI entries to be judged. With the normal procedure performed for DPI’s of a quick run through first. Martin got down to judging the three clubs entries. When it came to scoring, it was noticeable that there was a greater range to the scores in the DPI section than the mono prints with the lowest score being 6½, but there were more held back with this time 8 images being held from the 18. Again thou there were just 2 images with the maximum scores of 10, one from Beckenham and one from ourselves ‘Palma Airport Majorca’ by Mick Valentine. As before with the scores added up Beckenham had again come 1st, this time with 54½pts with ourselves West Wickham 2nd with 50 pts and Bromley 3rd with 46pts

Our individual scores fo the DPI contest:
Palma Airport MajorcaMichael Valentine10
Whatever the WeatherJon Cowdock9
Taj Mahal VisitedBob Zwolinsky
Walking on the EdgeInna Karpova9
Lazy DayMartin Ridout LRPS8
Walk on ByJan Gilkes LRPS

So with the 2 sets scores added together.

The Larter Cup Final Scores
ClubTotal ScoreMono Print Score DPI Score
West Wickham94½44½50

Well done again to Beckenham, an identical result to last year. Hopefully we can improve next year.

18th April
Tony Deller Memorial - A talk by Andrew Dunsmore

For this special evening we were joined by Tony and Jenny Dellers daughter Jane and Doug to help raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Well what an excellent speaker was chosen for the first Tony Deller Lecture. Andrew Dunmore who
Is an experienced photographer who for the past 20 years has been the official photographer for Westminster Abbey.

His talk commenced with photographing the actual Abbey and how he went about it, interspersed humorous anecdotes with tips on where and how to photograph the Abbey, made it a very interesting subject. From this Andrew continued by telling us about the people working at the Abbey with the coded initials they had and how they worked together on important occasions. This led into how Andrew was required to take discreet photographs on these special occasions, especially those involving the Royal Family and visiting dignitaries. The pictures he showed were those taken on these important occasions especially those taken at times of remembrance, with a number showing the ‘Grave of the Unknown Warrior’. Andrew then went on to explain another coding used in these ceremonies involving the Queen on where people stood in the Abbey so they could be photographed discreetly and explained the rules he and all other photographers had to observe, ‘No flash During the Service’ and ‘ No Pictures during Prayers’. With many photographs of visiting dignitaries, Royal Weddings and funerals made an excellent evening, well appreciated by every one.

Footnote: Including the generous act of Andrew of waiving his fee, a total £100 was raised by the members present for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

22nd April
Photoshoot at St Marks Church and RAF Chapel - Leader Rosemary Spurway

We gathered, about a dozen of us, at The Lookout cafe on the edge of Biggin Hill airport – all new now, no longer the old nostalgic ramshackle shed of yesteryears – for refreshment and planning, then some more refreshment before heading off to St Mark’s Church for an hour-and-a-half’s photography. The idea – as we have done for a couple of the churches in West Wickham – is make a collection of photos of the church and of its details to be made up into a poster-sized collage to present to the church as a record of how it is now.

St Marks, known as the ‘Moving Church’, was built in the late 1950’s, quite extraordinarily with materials from dismantling a redundant church in Peckham South London, and nearly all done by volunteer labour. A church with more to it than meets the eye. So it was a matter of capturing the generality of the church and then looking for the details to make interesting photographs to cover as many aspects of the building as we could, and all the time trying to avoid including other members doing their thing and vice versa. The 90 minutes actually went quickly for me as I was experimenting with a shift lens from one of my film cameras with an adaptor to fit it to my digital camera. This generally turned out OK though focussing was a bit of a problem, I find I’ve completely got out of the habit of having actually to do that!
Then it was off for lunch at The Old Jail pub, which apparently never has been a Jail but is none-the-less a pleasing hostelry, to stock up ready for the visit in the afternoon to St George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance. This is a place I have driven past thousands of times I guess but never thought to visit. So this visit was for the interest and for the pleasure and practice of photography alone. And there was a lot to photograph, with a tricky combination of daylight and fluorescent lighting.

Biggin Hill shoot - Apr17

A good day, appreciated by the members and our thanks to Rosemary Spurway for arranging the day for us.
Many thanks to Andrew for his report

25th April
Atlanta to New Orleans’ - A talk by Paul Adams DPAGB Bexleyheath PS

No report available