- PAN & TILT -

March 2018


6th March
Obtaining the LRPS - A talk by Jan Gilkes, Martin Ridout, Jon Cowdock and Mike Spurway.

This was an evening showing the work and effort of four of the clubs members in obtaining their LRPS awards.

The presentation commenced with a short guidance on the various awards offered to photographers by the RPS and what was entailed in achieving them. Jan was the first to show her panel as she had been the first of the speakers to be awarde her Licentiate of ten images. At the time she had been one of the first to attempt the award in the DPI format, expressing her fears and the difference now in the quality of images against the standards when she was awarded the Licentiate 10 years ago.

Next up was Martin, who like Mike and Jon later entered his panel in the print format. He initially showed the panel he submitted for the advisory day, explaining how it was changed after the comments and advise he received, then showed his final selection he presented for the assessment. On the day he explained the tension as they had a lengthy discussion on his panel prior to it being accepted.

Then it was Mikes turn to show his panel of prints expressing like Martin the effort in putting a balanced panel together. Mike showed a lot of familiar pictures but he had a tough time at the advisory stage, where he had gone before a one to one advisory day, new in its concept at the time. He ended up changing a number of his pictures to make sure it was a balanced panel. He then went on to enlighten the members on how tough the assessment day was, with everybody nerves at breaking point and the disappointments of those that didn’t make the grade.

Finally it was Jon’s turn with his panel of ten, Jon being the most recent of the members to obtain his Licentiate. He expressed how much time it had taken to get his Licentiate, not only in the preparation for both the advisory and assessment days, but also for the extra passage of time after one of his images was referred for replacement which meant producing another picture that not only was of the quality required but also fitted in with the rest of the panel. He confessed it ruined his summers photography.

The four members all agreed it was worthwhile, even with all the pressure and nerve jangling experience of the assessment. The evening was rounded off with a showing of various panels from members of the RPS who had gained their Licentiate.

13th March
Photographically Challenged - A visual talk by Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS, Carshalton CC

Gerald commenced by quoting his thoughts on how one should see the art of photography, starting with: ‘Photography is the art of observation and finding something interesting in an ordinary environment’ along with ‘The enemy of photography is convention’. With the fixed rules on how we should see things, salvation is to be different, and so with those thoughts Gerald set himself projects to show how he had defied convention, which he showed during the evening. Gerald showed a great variety of images showing us techniques on how he took pictures that were out of the ordinary, some of which came directly out of the camera, whilst the majority were enhanced in Photoshop.

After the break Gerald showed examples that he had presented in competitions both as panels and individual entries, finally finishing the evening with a showing a selection of images that had been accepted by various Salons around the country.

20th March
Print Competition Rd4 - Judged by Darren Woolway ARPS

The evenings print competition was a revise of round 3, which had been postponed due to ‘The Beast from the East’ weather system.

Judging for the night was Darren Woolway, known for his photographic skills in the auto world, but now appreciated for his fondness of the creative side.

From the start Darren informed everyone what he was looking for during the evening, and would explain any areas he believed needed to be put right. He also said that he would score as he went so as the members could relate to his comments. It was obvious from the start that he was following the directive given at the start of the year to give a greater range to the scoring, to better reflect the standard of pictures. First up was the colour entry, he viewed each print very carefully, checking all areas to make sure they met his high standards and advising accordingly. All his comments were honest and justified, with a lot of people learning about things they had missed and would so help in revising their prints and in producing their future efforts. After his initial viewing 6 prints were held back for a second appraisal, where after due deliberation Darren made his final decision on the 4 places.

Results:Print Rd4 Colour
1stI am You & What I See is MeBob Zwolinsky
2ndMistery in the TreesMike Spurway LRPS
3rdTake OffMartin Ridout LRPS
4thIcelandic AgenlTony Warran

No Honorary mentions.

The Mono section followed a similar appraisal with all the prints again being well scrutinized before being judged on their content and composition. With just 20 images entered, there would again be no honorary mentions. There were just the 4 images held back that would be awarded places.

1stMoored OffMike Spurway LRPS
2ndReflections in a Crowded CityMartin Ridout LRPS
3rdCallaInna Karpova
4thNo Boat Ride TodayBob Zwolinsky

21st March
Croydon Centenary Challenge 2018

Seven clubs were represented, each presenting panels of 4 DPI and 4 prints which had to be taken by 8 different people. It followed the usual format with DPI first and then prints. This time tho’ the competition entry system was a web-based system which requires digital images for each entry. So, these digicopies of the prints were also shown as the prints were judged and the scores were noted in the electronic system. Seems to be the way things are going.

The judge was Tim Moreland ARPS, a judge I’ve not heard before I think, and he was good and clear and brisk. Overall we came 3rd equal which is a bit better than we have done for quite a while. I thought we were a clear third but apparently I’d noted one of Croydon’s print score incorrectly by half a point.

The overall result was:
Croydon Centenary Challenge Competition 2018:
Old Coulsdon3636721st
West Wickham32½34½673rd
South London33½32½665th

Old Coulsdon and Beckenham were clearly top. It was very close between Croydon, South London and ourselves.
‘Tis a pity that more clubs don’t partake. There used to be more and this gave more scope for the results to be not always the “usual suspects”.

Individual scores for our panel this time were:
The Face – 7.5
The Filigree Craftsman – 10!
Cromer Pier – 7.5
Still Life with Carrots – 9.5!

Looking Ahead – 8.5
Mischkah – 8.5
Waiting – 7.5
Chesterton Mill – 8

Thanks everyone for involving your work in the competition.

Thank you to Andrew for his Report.

27th March 27
DPI Heat Rd4 - Judged by Paul Parkinson LRPS

With the final heat of this years DPI competition the club welcomed back Paul Parkinson from Woolwich to adjudicate and to express his thoughts and guidance on the evening’s entry.

As usual Paul commenced with a quick run through of the 57 entries, before getting down to the business of reviewing each image. Paul took particular care to view the pictures from different angles so as to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He made particular points of spots or marks which should have been removed but more particularly distracting items around the edge of a picture. He also emphasized that where possible an image should try and tell a story especially in the street photography genre. Throughout, Paul’s comments were very positive, even in criticism. With all the pictures viewed, there were 6 image’s which had been held back, from which, with difficulty he made his final choice.

Results: DPI Rd4
1stAfrican LilyInna Karpova
2ndBalanceJohn Hill
3rdLemon SquashAndrew Herbert
4thReflectionLaura Taylor
H MAutumn HydrangeaInna Karpova
H MA Wet AngelNorman Bernard