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February 2017


5th February
PAGB GB Cup (Projected) Small Clubs

WWPS enters this competition on a regular basis each January. We submit ten DPI images which I draw from our own DPI and print competitions. These are scored out of 5 by each of three judges, making a maximum score of 15 per image and a maximum of 150 for the panel.

The results for this year have just been published.
We were placed 28= out of the 72 clubs taking part.
Our total score was 99 and the winning club scored 120.
This result for us is better than last year where we were placed 33= out of 61 clubs.

Our individual scores were:
Gold at TwilightMike Spurway LRPS12
Brighton SunsetJon Cowdock11
Whatever the Weather...Jon Cowdock11
Still Life with PersimmonsInna Karpova10
Kicking up the SandMartin Ridout LRPS10
Nigella - Love in a MistMartin Ridout LRPS9
The Long and Winding RoadMike Spurway LRPS9
The Street ManicuristMike Spurway LRPS9
Dreamy Dahlia'Inna Karpova9
White Anemone HeartInna Karpova9

The best of the images from this competition can be seen on the PAGB website at
and click on 'GB Cup (Projected) Small 2017' for the competition we had entered.

There is a similar competition for larger clubs (which requires a larger panel to be submitted) and the best images from that can be seen on the same page by clicking the 'Open' category.

What strikes me about these winning selections is firstly, the high number of portraiture images and secondly, the amount of dynamic range manipulation that is evident. This is particularly so in the Open competition images.
Well done to those whose images achieved placings in our local competitions and from which I made the selection for this competition.

Many thanks to Martin for the report - The report is also available on the clubs Facebook site.

7th February
My Alternative View - A Talk by Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS of Carshalton CC

No report available.

11th February
Outing to Chiselhurst Caves Organised by Ann Herbert

As has been the case recently, outings have seemed to incur the wrath something with a proverbial fly in the ointment appearing. This outing was no different – On the members meeting up for lunch at ‘The Bickley’, it was found that mysteriously the fly had visited and disabled the power in the kitchen. No Power – No lunch, but at least we could refresh ourselves, but god bless the landlord, who was very helpful and quickly arranged tables for eating at another local hostelry, which was only a couple of minutes walk away. The only problem he didn’t tell us was that the few minutes walk was nearly vertical, being a climb up Chiselhurst Hill. Still being hardy types all 14 members present made it. Although slightly rushed, everybody enjoyed a light lunch prior to our visit to the caves.

The walk was organised solely for club members, which meant that tripods could be used along with flashes also, but with the courtesy of a prior warning of use so you didn’t temporarily blind someone. After a brief talk on general restrictions the group started its 1½hr walk around the caves. Good exercise and good fellowship was the order of the day, along with practice in low light photography and long exposures. Although there were a number of staged dioramas people got the opportunity to be creative and photograph them in a manner that suited them.

A good day, and a big thank you to Anne for arranging this private visit.

Chiselhurst Caves - Feb17


14th February
PAGB Small Clubs Competition - Video evening

This was a revised programme for the evening with the planned video to be showed making way for a showing of the best entries into last years PAGB GB cup for small clubs, of which we were an entrant.

Over the evening we were able to view the images of the ten top clubs in the country that had entered along with individual entries that had caught the judges eye.

As in previous years that to compete in this particular competition we had to be a lot more adventurous in our post processing of our pictures, as again the images were heavily retouched. This is not a put down but a lesson that now with digital cameras, we have the tools, we must just learn to use them to make pictures.

The evening was rounded off by a showing of the clubs entry for this years competition.

Thank you to Martin for putting the evening together.

19th February
KCPA Diamond Jubilee Trophy

The KCPA Diamond Jubilee Trophy was held in Crowborough, Sussex this year. Following on from what we had heard about judges being instructed to give a greater range on their scoring, it was certainly evident here. The winning score (Ashford, with 127 pts.) was the equivalent to the points awarded to the club that finished 34th last year!

Unfortunately, WWPS took a tumble in the placings too, dropping from =7th last year to =21st this year from a field of 33. Definitely a bit of a Leicester City feel to our performance!

Our score was 114 (down from 142 in 2016) and was made up as follows:

Cleethorpes in the mist by Bob Zwolinsky 16
Lazy day by Martin Ridout LRPS 16
Kicking up sand by Martin Ridout LRPS 15
Whatever the weather by Jon Cowdock 15
Stairway view by Jan Gilkes LRPS 14
White anemone heart by Inna Karpova 13
The long and winding road by Mike Spurway LRPS 13
Still life with Persimmons by Inna Karpova 12

Top three clubs were Ashford, Malling and Maidstone, with Rye winning the 'most improved club' award. From our more local rivals, Bromley (8th) and Beckenham (16th) fared best, with Orpington (23rd), and Sevenoaks (25th) trailing behind us.

The afternoon began with a viewing of all 264 entries although each image was displayed for just a few seconds (a bit like our own 'initial run-throughs' so there was no chance to study the images closely. It was interesting to see though that the great majority of images entered were relatively 'straight' images - landscapes, portraits, wildlife, travel and sport) with very few heavily edited or composite shots.

The judge - Peter Cheetham who I believe is Midlands based and is a past PAGB president, had judged and scored prior to the event. One image from each club was singled out for commentary - in our case it was Martin's 'Lazy Day' which the judge said captured the mood with interesting silhouettes of the people in the deckchairs, which were perfectly placed. He liked the letterbox crop and the subtle sky colours.

Thank you to Jon for the report.

21st February
Print Heat 4 - Judged by Paul Parkinson LRPS

Paul Parkinson LRPS of Aperture Woolwich club was a judge new to us (and apparently relatively new to judging), and he had a good turnout of entries – 39 colour and 16 mono – so had a good evening’s judging ahead of him. After Paul had had a quick preview of the entries, we started as usual with the colour section. His routine was to comment on all prints and then score them in a second quick run through with hold-backs for the final placings, 6 in the colour section and 4 in the mono.

In his comments he stuck to the matter at hand and gave thorough consideration and measure to all entries clearly and with appreciation. He was notably “hot” on hotspots as an exposure deficiency! Though timing got tight he didn’t rush through the later prints and so ended a little late but this, for us, is not a problem. A good evening with an interesting judge.

Results: Colour Print Rd4
1stDawn Approaching on Man Sagar,JaiphurMike Spurway LRPS
2ndNigella SeedsMartin Ridout LRPS
3rdSerenity at SouthwoldJon Cowdock
4thNear the Kirkstone PassMartin Ridout LRPS
H MPeoniesInna Karpova

Results: Mono Print rd4
1stOn the RocksJon Cowdock
2ndStanding AloneJan Gilkes LRPS
3rdButtresses Stand FirmJon Cowdock
4thStudy with AnenomeInna Karpova

Only one Honorary Mention for the night.

Thank you to Andrew for the evenings report.

28th February
An Evening with Inna Karpova & Jan Gilkes LRPS

This was a departure from a normal evening, where two of the clubs best photographers took the opportunity to discuss and describe different aspects of their photography. Their choices were excellent and varied to make an interesting and different evening.

Jan had decided to use the first part of the evening to compare the styles of her fathers photography taken on film from the 1970’s until the early part of the millennium, with her own from the digital era. Jan’s father was an extremely good, semi professional photographer who surprisingly was a former member of the club. In her youth she remembered that he always had a camera in hand, even in the poorest of times. His style and area of expertise was quite wide, but his love was in architecture, landscapes and portraiture. Jan showed a good cross section of pictures he had taken, giving a very descriptive commentary on her memories of all the images and how he had obtained them and the cameras he had used. With this being the prime era of film photography he had tried his hand at the colour print side of photography, but in his own admission, with not a lot of success due to variance of the processing and colour changing due to the chemistry.

With all her fathers images shown, Jan showed us a comparative set of her own prints and showed as time went on the influence and encouragement her father had had on her style and appreciation of the art of photography.

After the break Inna took us in a completely different direction, showing us some of her international award winning images and describing how she obtained some of the results. Inna was very honest in divulging her secrets and describing her methods, not only in how she set up her pictures to photograph, but also in the manipulation used. Her description on photo-stacking and blending opened the members eyes and gave them an idea on how the images presented at the recently shown PAGB competition were obtained. What was also interesting was the time taken in the fore thought and preparation of some of the multi-exposure pictures she had set up. Along with her trademark still-life’s, it was also a pleasure to see some other takes on her creative style, with tartans made up from multiple images montaged together.

Inna rounded off her part of the evening with a showing of some of her pure photography with the showing of images as diverse as the reflections of Venice to the climbers in the Alps.

An evening thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, where it was nice to understand what was behind the pictures of others.