- PAN & TILT -

January 2018

9th January
Print Heat Rd3 (Cancelled)

Due to the sickness of Martin Faiers the judge for our Print Heat 3 meeting was unable to attend, Tony Warran and Martin Ridout stepped in at the last moment to demonstrate two different AV programmes.

Tony demonstrated the workings of Magix Movie Edit Pro in the first half and Martin demonstrated Picture to Exe in the second.

Both are quite similar but Magix appears to be somewhat more flexible and easier to use. However Pictures to Exe is better if you want to enter external competitions.
The meeting ended with a Q & A session.

Thanks to Tony and Martin for stepping in at the last moment, and to Tony for his report.

12th January
Outing to Hornimans Museum - Organised by Mike Walker

Five of our members met for trip to Hornimans Museum at Forest Hill to see an exhibition called ‘British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017’.

On display were 100 photographs that showcase the beauty and diversity of wildlife in Britain.

The British Wildlife Photography Awards celebrate both the work of amateur and professional photographers and the beauty and diversity of British wildlife. Winning images are chosen from thousands of entries in fifteen separate categories including a category for film and two junior categories to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography.

Lunch was in the Restaurant after which the members had a short stroll in the gardens and some of the group took in the Butterfly exhibition.

Thanks to Mike Walker for organising this events and to Tony for his report.

12th January
FSLF Mono Print Plate Competition - Judged by David Eastley LRPS

We were in the Mono print Plate competition at Bromley against Carshalton and Sutton. Aperture Woolwich should have been in too but had withdrawn at the (almost literally) last minute.
The judge was David Eastley LRPS whom I have not seen before – based in Sussex near to Brighton. He was good; lively and understandable, didn’t waffle or waste any time and to me seemed consistent in his views and marking.
Our panel was unchanged from the First round match (which incidentally included Selsdon).

Our individual scores were:
A Winters RunMike Spurway LRPS8 – (First round score 9)
Presili RidgeJohn Cowdock LRPS8½ – (8)
HonninsvaagBob Zwolinsky10 + Certificate – (9)
Palma Del MallorcaMick Valentine7½ – (8½)
Stormy Weather ApproachingMartin Ridout LRPS7 – (8½)
Study With AnenomeInna Karpova10 + Certificate – (8)
A Quiet SmokeMike Spurway LRPS10 – (9)
The LighthouseJohn Cowdock LRPS8 – (7)

With only 3 Certificates available and 4 prints scoring 10, Mikes Quiet Smoke was the one that missed out. The fourth picture scoring 10 came from Carshalton

Thus we ended up with 69 pints enough to beat Carshalton on 67.5 and Selsdon on 65.5 – so we have made the Plate Final … again! Excellent!

You could say this is a consistent result as we lost out of progressing in the main competition by only half a mark in the first round. The Plate final is on 20th February.

Thank you to Andrew for his report.

19th January
Lumiere Outing - Organised Bob Zwolinsky

This was the second Lumiere event to come to London and the second time that we as a club had attended. It was larger this year, with more displays covering a greater number of sites in our capital city.

Bob had chosen the displays centred on the West End. With eight of us initially meeting in the early afternoon at Bromley South. Fast train, then tube up to town and Oxford Circus. Being a bit early for the illuminations and a bit chilly, a quick stop for a cup of coffee didn’t go amiss, where we were joined by Mike Walker before going off to photograph each of the elements in the vicinity and join the milling throng enjoying the evenings sights.

By 8 o’clock, with plenty of images recorded it was time to find a place for nourishments. This Bob achieved amazingly in a very busy Piccadilly. In a short period time we were all seated enjoying a warm meal. So duly refreshed, we set off again to complete our task, ending up at Leicester Square. From here it was decided to split up so we could all do our own thing before departing home.

Thanks to Bob for a good evening, well organised and enjoyed by all.

23rd January
DPI rd3 - Judged by Gerald Kitiiyakara

Prior to this weeks competition a problem occurred, a nice problem, members had submitted a record 89 entries for this round. With 56 entries being the recommended limit for the evening to operate at its best, Martin with due diplomacy was able to reach this requirement.

The evenings judge was Gerald Kityiiyakara, a very popular judge who’s wit and well place judgments go down well the members.

After the pre run through of the images, Gerald got down to the process of judging and commenting on each image individually, expressing and appreciating what he believed the entrant was trying to achieve also expressing where he thought images could be improved. Gerald likes to mark each images as he see them, so by the time he had viewed all 56 images, he found that he had selected 15 to be viewed again. After the second viewing, he reduced the selection to 11, from which he made a very positive decision on the 4 he preferred, but was so impressed with the remaining 7 he awarded them all Honorary Mentions.

1stChesterton Windmill at WarwickshireNorman Bernard
2ndSilver SeaInna Karpova
3rdWarming UpJohn Hill
4thOld Olive TreeInna Karpova
H MFemale Mannequin at London LumiereDerek Miah
H MSouthern HawkerDerek Miah
H MPassing CloudsMartin Ridout
H MHarvest FlowersJoyce Bernard
H MGirl on BeachTony Warran
H MA Quick CigaretteBob Zwolinsky
H MSouthern Grass SkinkKen Bryan

A good competition with a diverse entry, and a good spread of members gaining awards.

30th January
- Judged by ‘The Clubs Members’

This is the annual event where club members can have a say in what they think of other members work. A good opportunity for new members to try their hand.

This year there were 41 entries presented, down on previous years. The evening was hosted by four members: Bob, Martin, Andrew and Mike who gave their views and technical tips on ten images each, prior to members giving their opinions.

With all the images viewed the attending members were asked by Bob to vote on whether they like an image or not. This whittled down the choice of images to seven. From here everyone was allowed just 2 votes on the images they preferred. Unlike previous years, this year there was no doubt in the image the members thought was best. A beautiful image of a pair of ducks walking on ice, shot locally on Kelsey Park ponds by Inna called ‘A couple of Ducks’.

Members Choice Result:
1stA Couple of DucksInna Karpova