- PAN & TILT -

January 2017

10th January
Print Heat 3 - Judged by Andy Smith LRPS

With 54 entries, the New Year got under way in a grand manor. Andy’s first job was to view and give his comments on the 35 colour entries and for this round there was definitely a good variation of prints. He took great care in not only analysing the good points but showing where he felt the pictures authors had made mistakes, both technically and in composition. With the viewing completed Andy then went through the entries again giving them a valid score and holding back the ones he appreciated for a third viewing, of which there were seven. After a lot of thought he resolved the order he felt they should be in:

Results: Colour Prints - Rd3:
1stCurvesInna Karpova
2ndFluid DynamicsMike Spurway
3rdStudy in Orange and GreenMartin Ridout
4thSnake WomanJohn Hill
H MCathedral Textures and LinesJan Gilkes
H MOn the Way DownJan Gilkes
H MSummer Still LifeInna Karpova

Then it was onto the 19 mono prints entered. Andy took great care going through the black and white entries, this time holding back just five pictures.

Results Mono Prints - Rd3:
1stThe LighthouseJon Cowdock
2ndPreseli Ridge from FoeldrygarnJon Cowdock
3rdSpending a MomentJan Gilkes
4thReceding Tide at St Michaels MountJon Cowdock
H MFalling OverMike Spurway

A good evening, with a good mix of entrants being awarded in the colour classification, the mono section showed again the quality of Jon’s work.

17th January
A Norwegian Experience - A talk given by Mick White LRPS

Mick introduced us to his talk by describing and showing images of the city of Oslo (also known by the Norwegians as Tiger City).

He briefly showed us views of Oslo and also the tram system, which he used on his travels. He then took us into a sculpture park known as Vigeland and showed us a few images of sculptures where many more he was saying could also be seen.

Mick took us into a museum and showed us images of Viking burial long boats which had been restored and put on display. He also spoke of an explorer before the days of Edmunson and Scott and showed us an image of his wooden ship trapped in the ice.

We were then shown views of a fishing community further North which is deserted during daylight hours except for mad photographers. He was saying the daytime temperature was -8 degrees Centigrade. The images were of fisherman’s huts and houses. Mick also spoke about the racks outside the huts where the herrings were hung out to freeze dry. He showed us an image of a reindeer and one particular good view of a frozen waterfall. He then followed by showing images of the birdlife. Which consisted of a Siberian tit, Purple sandpiper, King eider duck, Artic redpoll, Siberian Jay and finally an image of a Norwegian Hawk owl.

Mick finished off his talk by showing us several shots of the Aurora Borealis which he said were difficult to take. He described them as Star dust twinkling in the night sky.

It was an interesting evening with something of interest for all the members.
Thank you to Norman for the report.

20th January
FSLPS Inter-club Competition - Semi Finals - Judged by Paul Adams DPAGB

Well …. What a night it turned out to be! We turned up at Selsdon’s venue to take part in all three semi-finals – for Colour prints, Mono prints and DPI – something of a record for us I think. There were nine of our members in all attending the competition which was a good turn-out for an important evening. The judge was Paul Adams who is very definite in his comments on how he sees the images and tends to be quite hard in his scoring.

First off was the Colour print competition against Old Coulsdon who have come on strongly over the past few years so ‘twas likely to be tough. And so it proved with Paul not being overly keen on many of the entries, being impressed by only 5 of the 16. Two of those were ours – Inna Karpova’s “Blue Flax” scoring 9 and Bob Zwolinsky’s “Cleethorpes in the Mist” scoring 10 thus gaining a Certificate of Merit! (round of applause, please!). But ‘twas not enough and we ended up trailing Old Coulsdon 64 to their 69.5. So a bit of a downer to start with. For comparison, in the first round our same panel had scored a winning 71 (from Marcus Scott-Taggart as judge).

FSLPS - Colour Print S/Final Individual scores:
Estuary PatternsJan Gilkes LRPS7
Cheese, Walnuts and PearsInna Karpova8.5
Waiting to Get WetMartin Ridout LRPS7
Old WorkshopMike Spurway LRPS7
Number 13Bob Zwolinsky7
Blue FlaxInna Karpova9
Kicking Up the SandMartin Ridout LRPS8.5
Cleethorpes in the MistBob Zwolinsky10 + Certificate of Merit

FSLPS - Colour Print S/Final - Result:
Old Coulsdon69.5
West Wickham64

Then it was on to the Mono print competition against Bromley. Our panel had done very well in the first round, scoring 73.5 and just beating Old Coulsdon by one point but with four of our panel of eight scoring 10, so hopes were high. Again Paul was less-than-enthused by many of the images, in fact only 2 of the 16 caught his eye which both happened to be ours – Inna’s “Poppy” scoring 9 and Martin Ridout’s “Driver” scoring the only 10. Both these got Certificates (more applause please!) and we ended up beating Bromley by 64.5 to 60.5. This just goes to show that “Different judge, Different View” is so true in these competitions – our score was full 9 points less than in the first round with the same panel. But we still won, so very Well Done! And that puts us into the Final of the Mono print competition which will be held in early May. We don’t know yet who we’ll be up against, as the other semi is in a couple of weeks, but it will be Old Coulsdon (again) or Orpington.

FSLPS - Mono Print S/Final Individual scores:
Japanese AnenomeInna Karpova7.5
From the DepthsJan Gilkes LRPS7
The DriverMartin Ridout LRPS10 + Certificate of Merit
Watching the World Go ByMike Spurway LRPS8
PoppyInna Karpova9 + Certificate of Merit
New LondonJan Gilkes LRPS7
The Long and Winding RoadMike Spurway LRPS7.5
Antwerp Railway StationBob Zwolinsky8.5

FSLPS – Mono Print S/Final - Result:
West Wickham64.5

We went into the tea break and chat having won one and lost one, but having picked up three of the four Certificates of Merit available in the print competitions – while they set-up for the DPI. Then we settled down for the DPI competition as a “decider” of sorts.

Paul reviewed the sixteen images in the DPI semi-final which was being fought between ourselves and Orpington PS. His comments indicated that he was slightly more comfortable with these images compared with the prints, although the scoring range was very similar to the colour print competition but higher than the mono prints.

All images were scored as Paul went through his commentary, with none held back. Three images scored the maximum of 10 points, all from our panel. Unfortunately only two certificates were available, and these went to "Under African Skies" by Mike Spurway and "White Anemone Heart" from Inna. Well done both. Martin's "Look into my Eyes" was the third top scorer.

The final DPI scores were Orpington 65.5 and WWPS 69, so another win for
us and a second showing in the SLF finals in May.

From the three competitions fought this evening there were a total of
six certificates to be awarded, and WWPS won five of them. Overall, a very satisfactory evening's work.

FSLPS - DPI S/Final Individual scores:
Stairway ViewJan Gilkes LRPS8
CurvilinearMartin Ridout LRPS7.5
Night flightRosemary Spurway7
Still Life with PersimmonsInna Karpova8
Under African SkiesMike Spurway LRPS10 + Certificate of Merit
White Anemone HeartInna Karpova10 + Certificate of Merit
FlotsamMike Spurway LRPS8.5
Look in to My EyesMartin Ridout LRPS10

FSLPS – DPI S/Final - Result:
West Wickham69

Well OK, we didn’t win all three, but to quote Mae West “Two out of three ain’t bad!”. Actually it was a pretty impressive performance with a searching judge which we should all be jolly proud of, to have reached two Finals and improving on last season when we reached one Final, for Colour prints and just losing out to Beckenham. Old Coulsdon reached and won the other two Finals.

Many thanks to Andrew and Martin for their reports.

24th January
FSLPS Plate Competition 3 Judge – Steve Lawrenson ARPS, APAGB.

This was a new experience for the club, organising one of the three plate semi-finals for the FSLPS. We welcomed six clubs for this double contest, comprising Selsdon, Greenwood, Croydon and Orpington contesting the colour print competition, with Selsdon and Greenwood being joined by Mitcham and Carshalton to fight for a place in the DPI final.

With Steve a familiar face at the club doing the judging, we knew we were in for an interesting evening with his humour and honest comments. With 32 prints to be judged from the 4 contesting clubs, Steve proceeded in a quick and forthright manner, with no holds barred as these were pictures of the highest standard. As he usually does Steve waited to the end of the viewing before giving them a score. Of the 32 he held back 13 prints for a second viewing, but stated as he always does, that the entrants should not get too excited as he wants a second look to see if they are that good or not. After due appraisal 3 were given the top marks of 10 and one 9.5 which earned them each a Certificate of Merit. The scores were then totalled with a very close call for first place.

FSLPS – Plate Competition 3 for Colour Prints - Result:

Well done to Selsdon and to those awarded Certificates of Merit of which two went to Croydon and one each to Orpington and Selsdon.

After the break it was time for DPI Semi final. Steve’s pace through the entries was perfect,
giving them his inimitable thoughts and comments, and allowing each a balanced about of time so keeping the evening on its fine schedule. When it came to scoring it was very close with no lows of sixes this time.

Steve held back the same number as in the Colour Print competition, 13. And again 3 images obtained a top 10pts with 2 images gaining 9.5. As only 4 Certificates of Merit could be awarded, one entrant was unlucky. With the points being totalled up again, the scores were even closer than print competition, with Selsdon and Greenwood tying on 67pts and all 4 clubs being covered by just 2pts. So it came down to a tie-break between the two top scorers, with each showing a deciding image, Steve finally coming down in favour Selsdon.

FSLPS – Plate Competition 3 for DPI - Result:

Two Certificate of Merits were awarded to Selsdon and two to Greenwood.

Congratulations to Selsdon who have made their way to both the Colour Print and the DPI Plate finals, and congratulations to all the club members for a very well run evening, especially Andrew and Martin who put together a faultless display in both competitions.

Next year I believe it is our turn to run the Plate Finals.

28th January
Outing to Docklands - Organised by Tony Warran

With the prior week being very cold, it was a pleasure to find the day starting as a nice warmish January day with clear blue skies. But luck was not with us, as a train derailment the previous week meant the closure of Lewisham Station and the cancellation of half of the trains from Hayes. With a quick change to the immediate plans, Tony had it sorted. Using various modes of public transport all the members ended up safely at West India Dock.

A gentle stroll in the sunshine prior to the mandatory coffee stop, before it was down to business with some members venturing out with their cameras whilst others took advantage of the museum with its wonderful displays on the history of London. Being a nice day the crowds were out, so the planned lunch was transferred to hostelry a short distance away, to gain us all some space and comfort.

For the afternoon it was slow stroll around Docklands with their cameras getting some architectural photography practice in before heading for Canary Wharf and the trip home.

A big thanks to Tony for a well organised day.

Docklands - Jan17

31st January
DPI Heat Rd3 Judge – Malcolm Hardie

Malcolm started the evening differently to the usual way. He started by praising Jon who he had first met the previous weekend at a Kent Federation Judges day where Jon had commenced the challenge of becoming a competition judge. He explained it would take two years and how worthwhile it was and asking if anyone else would consider joining him. This he followed up with a short anecdote relating to being a judge and peoples complaints, referring not so much to arguments but to the pictures being shown. He rounded up by explaining some judges like to rise to a challenge whilst others try to avoid them.

With the cordialities out of the way, he commenced the initial run through of all 56 entries. Again Malcolm treated this quick run through differently to other Judges, instead of looking for the images with that instant impact, he stated he was looking for technical competence of the image, making sure the pictures were sharp, highlights that were not blown out and shadows that were not filled in. Then it was straight down business assessing the images. It soon became apparent that Malcolm doesn’t see images quite the same as other judges, especially in the manner of cropping where he didn’t liked to see an image to closely cropped but that it had enough, to show some kind of story from the background without it causing a distraction. This had surprised a few members who had cropped their images in a tight fashion, but nobody got upset because it was really nice to have a different view on their images. Like most, Malcolm did his scoring at the end. But before starting he explained that at the previous weekends get together the judging panel had requested to all judges to cease taking the easy course on scoring and to use a greater range to show the differential between good and poor entries. So when Malcolm started his scoring, there were a few deep breaths, but I think the majority understood. He didn’t hold any back this time, giving a straight score to everyone, awarding 6 images the top mark of 10. With another viewing Malcolm then made his decision for places and merits.

Results: DPI - Rd3
1stSunflower SeedInna Karpova
2ndWalk on ByJan Gilkes
3rdGrand FinaleJon Cowdock
4thNo Time to PonderMike Spurway
H MBottle with Wilted DandelionsInna Karpova
H MTake me HomeJon Cowdock

A very good and different evening, members should soon get used to the new range of marking as other judges follow suit.